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Siri Sumanaramaya

This website has been set up to bring to awareness the plight of a number of old priests resident to Siri Sumanaramaya Temple, a 300 year old temple. All priests are between 85 and 95 years of age. Their residence is a dilapidated rundown old building. Broken and unmaintained toilets. Mattresses that are ages old. From what I was told their first requirement is the redoing of their toilets and mattresses.

Further more many have common ailments such as pressure, sugar and heart problems but do not have the money to help them cope up with their diseases. Each in their own way seek help either through Sinhalese medicine or western medicine. Their medical problems are met by government hospitals to some extent. However the journey is quite far.

Food is also something that they merely take for subsistence, just two curries with rice. They receive a reasonable amount of dana from the residents of the area and are happy. You only need to give 1000 Rs to feed the entire temple for a morning dana, you only need to give 1500 Rs to feed the entire temple for an lunch dana.

When I drove into the temple, parked and walked towards two priests. The sight I saw was nothing you would see any day at a temple. Two priests were working, doing building work with several other workers. There is a new building being built which is being desperately financed and built by one of the younger priests, who is only in his sixties.

There is some building work done by a few donations towards Buddha statues etc. The final plan is to one day get the temple to it's former glory so that more people stop by. A donation from Canada helped build a building for the training of local boys on arts such as welding and mechanics. This is given for free to the public as one of the services rendered by the temple. Thus through this Canadian donation they have also received a mini lorry which they use if any of the priests need to be rushed into hospital.

My only hope is that by reading and viewing the photos on this website you will do what you can to help. Please note that you'll have to deal directly with the head monk and not through any other means.
At least making a small donation to this temple on your way to kataragama would be seen as a great blessing.

Please contact Chief Priest Venerable DHAMMAVILASA Thero via
Email: dhammarathana@gmail.com
Telephone: +94 41 2258502 or +94 41 2259444
Mobile: +94 774 036902

Bank details:
Account number: 1-0082-01-6868-8
Swift code: NSBALALX

Temple address:
When travelling down south from Galle, the temple is on your right hand side, off the Galle road.

Please note that I'm not taking any part in the handling of finances, it is done by a committee for which the head priest is a part of. The following are the photos. Please note some of the priest in the photos have already passed away of ill health.

Photos of the Priests

This priest has had a stroke and is bed ridder, someone had offered to do his room up and his toilet is the only one that is tiled.

Photos of the Old Priests Home

This is what their home looks like and it's in need of repair. Pictures of their home.

Photos of the Old Temple

This is what the temple looks like, remember that it is over 300 years old. A relic sadly forgotten. This can be see from the pictures on the temple which are not of any recent century. Pictures of the temple.